10 Most Visited Islands in the World that will Uplift your Soul

Most Visited Islands in the World

There is so much to explore and unravel. Therefore, its rightly said, “Money will return, time won’t”, so travel as much as you can. Visiting an island definitely helps uplift your soul. Every destination shall help you discover the hidden treasures of life and create the memories that would be engraved forever. We’ve done all the hard work and bring you the list of 10 Most Visited Islands in the World.

10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World to Visit

#1. Kauai

Kauai is the best Island in the world

The Central Pacific takes the ownership of this beautiful island, Kauai (aka the Garden Isle). This Hawaiian island is the ultimate destination for everyone. Warm waters, powdered shores, abundant coral are reason enough to be here. However, please ensure to check the weather and ocean conditions before you head to any of the beaches because Hawaii is much unexpected. It is time to unplug yourself from all the hustle and bustle. Make sure to visit at least one of the raging waterfalls. Kauai tops the list of the most beautiful island in the world 2018.

#2. Maldives

Maldives is the best Island in the world

The tropical nation in the Indian Ocean offers you endless happiness and makes you see the sunny side of life. It is rightly said that “The Maldives is the world in an island”. This place offers you a holiday of a lifetime with its spectacular white-sand beaches, unrivaled luxury and a breathtaking underwater world. For honeymooners, Maldives is always on top of their wish list. Down the reef, is the beautiful world of colored tropical fishes, magnificent caves, turtles, sharks and much more. It is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.

#3. Bali

Bali is the best Island in the world

Yes, Bali is unique for many reasons, like, great beaches, natural sites, countless waves, world-class activities, happening accommodations, beach resorts, spas, shopping, and the endless list goes on. The Balinese have always earned recognition for their warm welcoming. The heartbeat of the Island of Gods resides in the Bali Temple Sites. Hence, it would right to conclude that Bali is more than beaches. For these many reasons, Bali is in the list of 10 Best Islands in the World Most Visited by People.

#4. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the best Island in the world
Saint Lucia

At every turn, you’ll find natural splendor. It is a perfect destination for everyone, adrenaline junkies, environmentalists, a yogi, dive enthusiasts, peace seekers, and lovers looking for a romantic private getaway. This breathtaking place wears undefined beauty that can’t be described. You need to see it to believe it. Hence, undeniably it is one of the best islands in the world for vacation.

#5. Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the best Island in the world

Ranked as the number one place to visit in Australia and the Pacific, Tahiti is the magical tropical island. Waterfalls, mountains, and blue lagoons are distinctively amazing. Make sure to experience the traditional pace of life there; else your trip would be a waste. A few must-visit sights include Marche de Pape’ete, JardinsBotaniques, Lagoonarium, and much more. It is also among the Best Island in the world 2017.

#6. Santorini

Santorini is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world

This place undeniably attracts more than a million tourists every year. Romantic sunsets, dazzling panoramas, and volcanic-sand beaches add to the uniqueness of Santorini. Another exclusive place is the village Oia in the north of Santorini. The sunset embraces entire Oia in the golden envelope making the place more beautiful. Travelers also prefer visiti8ng the Red Beach, their favorite. Take a walk through caldera age or taste the grape variety, all are worth it. The energy created by the volcanic island touch the senses.

#7. Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world

Seychelles island is entirely another world. It is rightly known as “an aquatic playground” because of the white-washed beaches with crystal clear waters. Mother nature was very generous, and that’s the reason Seychelles has splendid beaches, and it is very difficult to choose the best as all are unique and equally magnificent. One may also indulge in the most popular activities, diving, and snorkeling. Santorini was also in the list of Best island in the World 2016.

#8. Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world
Saint Barthelemy

Welcome to the treasure-packed French island of the Caribbean. The lavish yet small-scale hotels, outstanding restaurants, flowering gardens, green hills, all are only a few reasons to visit this undeniably exclusive place. Though the island is very expensive, however, all the beaches are public and free, and accessible. We recommend you to visit this place during the off-season to catch up great deals for accommodation.

#9. Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world

If you wish to witness the most spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, then Mauritius is the place for you. The sapphire-blue waters, luxury resorts, pampering spas, extensive watersports, dreamy swimming pools, world-class restaurants, etc. make visiting Mauritius a lifetime experience. This place is for everyone, whether you are a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, a nature-lover or you simply want to relax all day, Mauritius has it all, and thus, it is the best island to vacation.

#10. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world
Bora Bora

A new, colorful world awaits you at Bora Bora. Every occasion and every budget is addressed here. Immerse in the beautiful and tranquil world. You’ll find a concept here known as the overwater bungalow, make sure not to miss the same. One can also indulge in unlimited water activities. Hence, undoubtedly this one is among the famous islands of the world.

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Strikeout as many islands as possible. Visiting any of the islands would be the most magical trip of your life. The list of islands of the world shall definitely help you select your next vacation. Visit and do share your reviews. Keep traveling, keep exploring!