The Foolproof Guide to Staying In Shape While Traveling

Stay Fit While Traveling

Traveling is an adventurous experience, and it is the vacation season, but it can also kill your workout regimen as well. Once you hit the road, you will be exposed to lots of tempting foods, activities, and blocking weather. To make sure neither of these things gets in your way of staying fit while traveling, you must keep on reading this article.

Pack Up The Fitness Essentials

Packing workout essentials can be a tricky and challenging job when you’re traveling. Who wants to lug a whole bunch of bulky gear along with them while on the move? No one.

Exercise gear such as jumping rope, hand grips, and resistance bands are workout accessories that occupy very less space. Also, do not forget the gym workout clothes and your running shoes if you want to perform some low-impact workouts such as jogging, push-ups, planks, or yoga.

20 minutes of hotel exercise

In order to keep your blood pumping, you must perform these exercises in your hotel room. 

2 minutes jumping jack

25 walking lunges

20 squats

1 minute running in one place

15 bicycle crunches

20 planks

Make several repetitions followed by some rest as well.

Try To Work Out During The Off Hours

If possible, try to exercise during off hours when there aren’t many people around you (i.e., early morning or late evening). This will help to ensure that no one is watching as well as give you privacy during these often intimate moments of workout. But if this is not possible and there are other people around, just keep yourself focused on what you are doing.

If possible, try to find premises away from other people and in an area where you feel comfortable being alone.  Also, if you are working out with a friend or partner, try not to make eye contact with anyone else while working out.

Get The Benefit Of a Hotel Gym

Hotel gyms are often overpriced, but they can be worth it if you have a membership and plan to use them regularly. If not, look for local gyms near your hotel that offer day passes or short-term memberships.

●    Hit the pool

If you are staying at a hotel with a fitness center and don’t want to pay extra for access to workout equipment, consider using it just for cardio workouts, then go outside and swim when the weather’s nice.

●    Walking or running around the street

Get some fresh air by walking, jogging, or running around the town. If you are traveling without kids, consider taking an after-dinner walk around the city or along nearby trails.

Stock Up Your Minibar

If you have to stay in a hotel room, then you can easily check out what snacks are available in their minibar or at the nearby grocery store. But if you are backpacking for example around Europe, this isn’t always possible.

Here are some useful tips on how to stock up on the mini bar:

  • Buy a small bottle of olive oil or sunflower oil for cooking
  • Buy some nuts such as almonds or walnuts.
  • Stock up on dried fruit like raisins or dried apricots.
  • Buy some dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa).

Eating a Healthy Breakfast

If you are traveling and want to stay in shape, you must have a healthy breakfast. Here are some easy ways to do it.

  • Some of the hotels provide complimentary breakfast and that’s a good thing because eating a healthy breakfast offers you good energy that is required throughout the day.
  • Avoid consuming junk and fast food because they are very high in calories, fat, and sugar which is not good for health.
  • Avoid processed food because they have high sugar content and low nutrients, which is not good for your body or mind when you’re traveling because they make it more difficult for your body to digest food properly and absorb nutrients from it.

Learn About Your Surrounding By Walking

When you are on vacation in a new place, and you want to learn something about your new surroundings then you must walk. Walking is easy, and convenient, and you can do it anywhere you want. It’s also good for your health and well-being, as long as you do it regularly and at a good pace.

Walking can also relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety by enhancing endorphins (chemical compounds that produce feelings of happiness) in your brain.

Also, walking comes with a lot of other benefits for travelers too. It’s a great way to explore a new place on foot, getting up close to its sights and sounds, as well as its people.

So, if you want to perform some low-impact exercises such as walking, keep in mind you wear highly comfy and stretchable gym outfits in order to make your exercise more enjoyable.

Have a Good Sleep

Traveling to a new place can be tiring, especially if you are traveling alone or with your family.

You might have had an early start, and jet lag also, sometimes the change in weather can take its toll on your body.

So it’s important to make sure that you get enough sleep while traveling so that you don’t feel exhausted during your stay.

On the other hand, a lack of sleep can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. For one thing, it reduces your energy level. If you’re exhausted, chances are that you’ll just lie down in bed for hours instead of going out and enjoying your vacations.

Pro tip: It can disrupt your sleep patterns. Also, alcohol causes dehydration, which may result in muscle soreness and inflammation after your exercise session.

Try To Keep Yourself Hydrated

You might be traveling for business or pleasure, but no matter what the reason is, it’s important to stay hydrated.

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re out, whether you are spending time in a hot climate or just being out and about without the convenience of a water bottle.

If you’re not drinking sufficient water, your immune system will be compromised, which can make you more susceptible to illness. You’ll also find that you feel tired and lethargic.

Make sure you’re drinking enough fluids when you work out or engage in physical activities such as hiking. Keep some bottled water with you at all times so that it’s available when you need it. Carry an empty water bottle with you everywhere, and fill it up at hotels or restaurants after checking in or while ordering a meal.


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