Stay Safe When Traveling by Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Stay Safe When Traveling by Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In December 2019, a pandemic named COVID-19 ruled the world slowly; since then every country and territory started shutting down its borders to cope with it. Flights have been canceled, exports and imports have been closed, and inside the country, lockdown is adopted. People are panic to know about cure and precaution to keep them away from Coronavirus by text, calls, and emails, especially traveling.

Safeguard Yourself During a Road Trip in COVID-19

You must avoid traveling by public transport to avoid 100% risk of getting infected to Coronavirus. However, you can travel by personal car if it is important to work or any kind of emergency occurs. You can stay safe with some adaptive measures to help curb COVID-19 disease. It is highly recommended for every resident to be at home and take care of themself till the world is facing with Coronavirus outbreak. After consulting many epidemiology or experts, I have some advice for you if it needs to go outside by car for a genuine reason.

You should wear a face mask before going outside as the plain fiber cloth facemask does not benefit from Coronavirus. It will reduce the rate of affecting others. You should buy a facemask with FFP3 class to avoid the risk of infection. You should put on hand gloves since it is mostly spread by sneezing and coughing. Do not touch any object with your bared hands. Keep a hand sanitizer with you and regularly sanitize hands to avoid the virus. Do not forget to take your respirator. It is paramount not to go outside if you have any breathing issues. If anybody wants to get into your car, then do not allow him, as it is difficult to understand the infected person.

You might be thinking that journey by car protects from virus, then it is a myth because there is a major chance of your car getting contagious. You have to apply hygiene measures to shield it. You should use isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth to disinfect the interior segments of the car from getting contaminated with the virus before you take a ride to your way. It has been researched that 70% of alcohol products kill the Coronavirus. You can use isopropyl alcohol for your car, as it is best.

The interiors are Door handle, elbow rest, gear stick, door frame, steering wheel, steering column stalks (cruise control, indicators, windscreen wipers), seat position controls and radio and infotainment controls.

Safety measures amidst Coronavirus during the journey by car

You should make a habit of this activity until you do not overcome the epidemic without hindering. The car manufacturers also use alcohol to clean the car for the fitness of consumers. For satisfaction, you can disinfect the seat upholstery and other sensitive parts of the car gently. But be careful, not to hardly scrub as it may discolor the surface or damage the parts. Treat with leather protection products after cleaning it.

Your task does not end up here; some exteriors are also that is to be taken care also. The Consumer Reports Organisation strictly suggests every user follows these steps not to encircled with the virus. You should sterilize the exterior parts of your car like a door frame, luggage compartment handles, and door handles daily. After cleaning, the airing of a car is the next step, but this does not mean to take your car to any service centre. You can do this simply at home by purchasing any specific spray either online or from petrol stations for air conditioning units or ventilation to reduce the chances of a virus deteriorating your health.

Safeguard yourself during a road trip in COVID-19

But products containing ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will change the look of your car. Always carry a first aid kit inside your car to avoid any trouble comes in the way. While moving outside, do not come closer to people because the less you will interact with humans, the lesser are chances of getting virus transmission as the disease rapidly increase with community transfer.

You should fill the car tank to its brim before taking a ride or after so that you may less visit the petrol stations for frequently fueling as it is a major source to transfer the virus from one person to another. Try to find a self-fueling station where you do not interact with anybody. Immediately refuel and do not stick to any crowded station. When it comes to payment, choose a contactless payment option. Either pay online and if in the worst case you may have to use a card, then disinfect your hands before proceeding process.

It is of utmost preference to carry your food if you take a short journey or any long ride during the pandemic of COOVID-19. If you take several breaks for any unnecessary reason, then you are pushing yourself in danger. As far as the quarantine days go, you can not enjoy the freedom of road trip by inhaling fresh air and glean with nature in crisis.

One important thing to remember is not to travel any coronavirus affected places as no precaution, and preventive measures work at these places. In this way, you can lose your life. If you have planned to stay in any hotel, then first observe the hygienic from staff as these are more contagious place and use a tissue to touch any things like flush and bathroom inside.

Although these are only some precautionary measures that you should follow during this epidemic to save not only yourself but also the whole community from getting in worst to worst condition, the more we safeguard ourselves to stop Coronavirus with excessive care, then the day will not be far that we will back to our usual life without any fear of wearing a mask or gloves while going outside. So it is highly appealed to stay at home and be safe!