10 Best Airport Tips that Will Make You Travel Like a Pro

10 Airport Tips to Help you Travel Like a Pro

At times, flying can be stressful, be it pleasure or an official trip. Boarding on time, re-checking that you’ve packed everything, crowded airports, security check-ins, long layovers, and changing time zone are all factors contributing to the stress. There are airport tips to assure you travel like a Pro. We’ve compiled a list for you, and it includes.

10 Handy Airport Tips to Fly like a Pro

1. Pre-planning

Fast Track Global Entry definitely makes sense and helps one to avoid standing in the customs line. Airport security tip would be to save your time by online check-in. We are sure none of you has a single good reason to not check-in before you leave from your hotel or home. If you end up reaching airport early, then you may even opt for self-check-in at the kiosks there. The only exception would be traveling internationally where you’ve to show your passport in person.

2. Mind that you wear

That’s right. Your attire matters most. A woman in high heels and tight skirt or a man in joggers is not a good idea. A typical outfit shall not only be comfortable but also practical. Wearing socks during long-haul flights enable you to remove shoes. It is indeed one of the important airport tips for first-time flyers.

3. Pack smart

Always carry Ziploc bags with you. This will help you separate the liquid and thus easy to clear customs. One of the essential airport travel tips liquids is that the permissible limit is 100ml. The clear plastic bags will also be easier to identify what is in. Know your travel period and pack accordingly. An overnighter would do for a one-day business trip whereas a week’s trip shall include a travel bag and a backpack. Either way, get a bag with wheels to save your shoulders and back. These are some of the great airport packing tips.

4. Choose your Seat carefully

You think you’ll need to use the washroom frequently, then choose the aisle seat. It will give you uninhibited access to the loo. The aisle seat is also preferred when one finds it easy to sleep on flights. Another useful tip is selecting your seat in the front as it is usually quieter and doesn’t shake much. One of the crucial airport tips and tricks.

5. Class upgrade

There are chances you get an upgrade for free. Chances will depend upon your frequency of flying on the same flight, your attire and your behaviour with the flight crew. Being nice to the flight crew would also fetch you a better quality service, in-flight.

6. Go cashless

No, no, not completely; however, don’t carry all your cash with you. Be smart and store your emergency money at some other place, it can be anything from toiletry packs to rolled-up socks. Storing your money at obscure places shall help you in case of exigencies. Be mindful of the airport tips and hacks and never go out of cash.

7. Store your Documents

Make sure to keep a copy of all your travel details, be it your passport, hotel bookings, itinerary, transfers, etc. Rather invest in buying a travel wallet, this shall help you keep all things at one place in an organized way, passport, cards, driver’s license, cash, foreign currency, and boarding pass.

8. Don’t hesitate to ask for Freebies

Take advantage of events that are special; if you’re traveling for a honeymoon or if it’s your birthday, let the airline staff know the same. If there’s a room than they’ll willingly give you an upgrade, for free. If none of the above cases is true and you are traveling alone, chances are even higher for you to get an upgrade. All you’ve to do is, ask for the same.

9. Charge your Gadgets at the Airport

Not all the flights provide outlet plugs. It is always advisable to make sure your gadgets are fully charged, your phone and the extra battery pack as well. You may also consider carrying an outlet splitter, giving you more charging ports. There’s nothing worse than being on a flight with dead electronics.

10. Get access to the Airport Lounge

Airport lounge offers you great amenities like bar, better food, alcohol for free and a perfect place for resting. Believe it or not but it is an absolute game changer. Long layovers get tiresome. A day pass will ensure you relax and are charged up for your journey ahead. There are Priority passes as well, which give you access to over hundreds of different lounges around the world.

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With these tips, you’ll never have to struggle again to get through the airport. The best airport tips ensure your journey to be faster and comfortable. Make our traveling fun and exciting experience, always. In case, we missed something really important; we’d love to hear from you.