10 Best Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples in USA

Weekend Getaways for Couples in USA
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There is a whole new world outside which is unexplored and undiscovered. With lots of places to travel, it becomes difficult to travel lavishly every single time. Hence it is perfectly okay to go economically sometimes. All that matters is traveling and cherishing. We’ve figured out 10 best cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples in the U.S. Check out yourself.

Weekends are definitely we look forward to. After running errands and doing household chores, one may ask for a relaxing weekend to spend quality time with your partner. Hence, a cheap weekend getaway is all that you need! There are times when spontaneous and unplanned trips surpass the planned trips. Last-minute travel can certainly prove to be wow! Don’t waste your time in deciding where to go. The below list will help you choose the right place for you:

Top 10 Best Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples in the U.S

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#1. New York

New York City Weekend Getaway for Couple
New York City

The towering skyscrapers and iconic landmarks make this cool cosmopolitan city the best weekend getaways for couples in the U.S. This is the place for all types of travelers.

Stroll through the iconic Central Park or stop by markets and events, you’re sure to enjoy the experience. Take your loved one for a shopping spree at the 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. Make sure to sip on a drink at Garret. The Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, idyllic Empire State Building and many more attractions can make you extend your trip.

#2. Atlanta

Atlanta Weekend Getaway for Couple

A top-notch aquarium, amazing historic sites, and some exquisite restaurants make this city a great place to visit.

The Georgia Aquarium is a real gem of the city. Atlanta holds the reputation for the mouth-watering delicacies and drinks. For beer lovers, the Brick Store Pub is the place. This is an ideal trip for the last minute weekend getaway ideas.

#3. Kansas City

Kansas City Weekend Getaway for Couple
Kansas City

This destination makes for a fun weekend getaway for couples. Many attractions don’t charge you any fees and are free to visit. Accommodation as well is very affordable.

Boulevard Brewing Company is a great and a free tour. Barbeque and high-quality meat are offered at reasonable price. You’ll find lovers everywhere in this ‘city of fountains’.

#4. Nashville

Nashville Weekend Getaway for Couple

Nashville, best known for country music has many other things to do as well. A perfect cheap weekend vacation for couples has nice burger joints, live music venues, and some finest microbreweries.

Music lovers will have many options to visit music studios and museums. Escape with your loved one to Nashville and enjoy a 30 minute Cinderella Carriage Tour. Hop on the General Jackson Showboat Dinner Cruise and gift yourself a perfect romantic getaway.

#5. Philadelphia

Philadelphia Weekend Getaway for Couple

You’ll find lots of free things to do and see here. A winter weekend in Philadelphia is perhaps a great idea. The best thing is you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices to stay here. One may have an easy access to nice hotels and inns.

The must-visit attractions are the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. This city offers you a bit of everything: music, dance, and theater, ice skating, art galleries, museums, antique stores, etc.

#6. Toronto