3 Ways Your Travel Adventures Can Build Career Skills

Travel Adventures Can Build Career Skills

Any experienced traveler or aspiring nomad knows that there are countless benefits to global adventure.

It offers us the opportunity for rest and relaxing, enables us to become more attuned to the world and ourselves and surprisingly, can have a significant impact on your future career.

Whether you’re embarking on a gap year before university or simply taking time out of your normal life to explore the world, find out how your next trip could set you up with the skills for your future career.

1. Learning opportunities

It goes without saying that our travels provide us with countless opportunities for learning, and our newfound knowledge can often prepare us with surprisingly versatile workplace-ready skills.

For instance, learning an additional language can open up prospects for you on international job markets, and at home too, whilst a thorough understanding of other cultures can be useful in careers such as marketing, which often strive for a global appeal.

As traditional education grows more flexible in our increasingly remote world, it’s also possible to work towards a qualification whilst travelling. ARU Distance Learning are a fantastic provider of remote courses which are perfect for the student on the go.

2. Experience

Aside from formal learning, travel also gives us valuable life skills and teaches us a number of ‘soft skills’ – those which can’t be measured by any qualification, but which are absolutely essential in every part of our life, including the workplace.

As we become exposed to new and unfamiliar situations, we become more adaptable and learn to think on our feet. In extreme circumstances, we may have to deal with crises. Though difficult to cope with at the time, this can build our resilience and teach us to find new solutions, even under duress.

It’s for this reason that travel experience looks great on a CV – it tells your employer that you’re brave, willing to take on new challenges and can handle tricky situations.

3. Networking

Meeting new people is one of the most exciting aspects of any travel adventure.

When meeting like-minded individuals with similar interests and ambitions, you may find valuable business connections for the future.

Getting to know new people is fun, but if you’re not naturally outgoing, approaching new social situations can be somewhat intimidating. But travel inspires us to shake off our reservations and seize the moment – that’s why so many usually shy nomads find themselves filled with newfound confidence while abroad.

This kind of experience can be extremely valuable in the workplace. As well as boosting your ability to build rapport with people, you may also face certain language barriers or cultural differences in these scenarios. Learning how to navigate these situations will make you a natural in workplace communication and a valuable asset to any employer.