Secret Europe: 17 Hidden Attractions to Visit in 2019

Secret Europe: 17 Hidden Attractions You Must Visit In Europe

Planning a holiday in Europe? There are thousands of drop-dead stunning hidden gems in Europe that you love. We’ve explored 17 incredible places in Europe that will get your Instagram a ton of likes.

1. Isle of Skye, United Kingdom

Isle of Skye, United Kingdom

Just one word: ethereal. The landscape is supernatural. Lots of water sports can be found, and you will also find great trekking as well as pony rides.

Portree, the main town and capital of Skye, creates a fantastic base for exploring this spectacular Island.

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2. Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a magnificent town of marvelous historic mansions, situated within the hills of the Serra de Sintra, close to the capital, Lisbon.

Palácio Nacional de Sintra, the Castelo dos Mouros and also the Palácio Nacional da are the cultural sights of Sintra, and are perfect when you’ve got one day to see.

Pro Tip: Always start your day trip as early as possible during the summer months.

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3. Ronda, Spain

Puente Nuevom, Ronda, Spain

Ronda is a mountaintop city in the Spanish province of Malaga, with its famous stone bridge – Puente Nuevo, Cliffside and Bullring.

This city is the birthplace of modern bullfighting. The city’s bullfighting ring is only used once annually, in the Feria Govesca, which is also a museum where you can find the history of this traditional sport.

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4. Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is a beautiful town in the Italian-speaking holiday region of Ticino, perfectly positioned on a lake with the Alps at its back. It is also popular for its lovely scenery and its laid back lifestyle.

Boating in Lake Lugano, hiking and ride a cable car to Monte San Salvatore, are the main activities. Also visiting town’s churches, cathedrals, and the expressive and colorful Piazza della Riforma is a great idea.

Pro Tip: You must visit Monte Bre for sunny panoramas of lake, rivers, mountains and red-roofed buildings.

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5. Alberobello, Italy

Trulli houses with conical roofs in Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello is A UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its unusual trulli homes – a whitewashed stone hut with conical roofs. It’s a scenic destination that’s getting an important fixture in the travel itineraries of tour operators in addition to independent travelers.

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6. Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Island, Croatia

The Croatian Island of Hvar is best called a summer resort and an ideal destination for tourists looking for the beauty of Mediterranean beaches.

Rich cultural and historical heritage of Hvar, unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches, and bays, crystal blue sea, etc. are the main attractions.

Dubovica, Fortica, Trg Sv Stjepana, Arsenal, Tvrdalj, Franciscan Monastery, St Stephen’s Cathedral and Benedictine Convent – these are the top sights in Hvar Island.

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7. Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is a beautiful coastal town in Montenegro with breathtaking panoramic views. The old city is full of ancient architecture and historical monuments and constructed between the 12th and 14th centuries.

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8. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Wonderful locations! Found in the county of Nordland, Norway, The Lofoten Islands provides stunning, unforgettable scenery, impressive Exotic Mountain peaks, Arctic fjords, and little fishing settlements.

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9. Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Ohrid, a small but beautiful resort city in the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia, is a tourist’s paradise, with glimmering beaches, breathtaking views, along with a wealth of the Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine – available on a budget.

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10. Piran, Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia

Piran is the loveliest town on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, famous for its long pier and Venetian architecture. St. George’s Church Campanile and The Walls of Piran – these two are spectacular spots for catching the best bird’s-eye views of the Slovenian Coast.

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11. Faial Island, Portugal

Faial Island, Portugal

If you need a spot of sea fun, then Faial Island is the perfect place for you. It is best known for sailing, whale watching, and diving.

Horta is the Island’s only city and also the most eye-catching town of the Azores, filled with colorful yachts where yachtsmen, visitors, and locals swap dreams over a beer or coffee.

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12. Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

Burano, a Venice’s Island in Italy, is known for its lace, brightly colored fishermen’s houses and its casual eateries serving seafood from the lagoon.

Many known international magazines comprise Burano among the top 10 most colorful cities in the world.

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13. Dinant, Belgium

Dinant, Belgium

Dinant is a lovely little town in Belgium, located 90km south of Brussels. There are many cultural events are held here in the memory of Adolphe Sax – an inventor of the saxophone, which makes this place a famous tourist attraction.

Dinant Citadel, Veves Castle, Castle of Freyr, Grotte La Merveilleuse, etc. are the main places to visit throughout the year.

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14. Meteora (Kastraki), Greece