A Complete Road Trip Packing List for a Hassle-Free Road Trip (Guide and Checklist)

A Complete Road Trip Packing List

Road Trip. There is a sense of adventure that always comes to your mind when you think about “ROAD TRIP”.

To go on a road trip is something special as it always create memories of life. But before you start your car, make sure you’ve packed all the necessary essentials for a hassle-free road trip.

Here, we have A Complete Road Trip Packing List along with some useful road trip tips which will keep your car – and you – running fresh throughout the trip.

Keep Your Car on The Road with These Must-have Road Trip Essentials

  • Driving license
  • Car registration
  • A copy of your car insurance policy
  • Car’s manual
  • Extra car key… but please don’t keep on the same key ring
  • Spare Tire…with a tire repair kit, tire jack and tools to change a flat
  • Roadside emergency kit

Pro Tip #1:

If you are driving in remote areas, where there are long stretches without gas stations, keep these supplies:

  • Large water bottles
  • Wiped fluid
  • Portable gas container

Pro Tip #2:

In winter, include following things in your road trip packing list to keep yourself from snow and ice:

  • Ice scraper
  • Snow shovel
  • Tire chains

Basic Must-Haves to Bring on a Road Trip

  • Spare money: Cash is still KING in some places, particularly in parking meters and road tolls!
  • Paper maps/Maps.Me App: Smartphone apps like Google Maps and Maps.me are the best, but it is not possible that you get cell service everywhere. So, having a paper map, recommended.
  • First aid kit: Must include Band-aids, bandages, antiseptic and safety pins, etc.
  • Water resistant flashlight: Buy two, just in case the car trouble happens at night, and in the rain.
  • Bug spray: Bugs in the car are not fun on a road trip.
  • Car phone charger: An essential.
  • Hands-free phone mount: For easy to see maps for navigation + operate.
  • Toilet roll: Because not all rest stops are created equal.
  • Hand sanitizer: It will help to keep germs out of the car.



Accessories to Keep Yourself Entertained on Your Road Trip

  • Bluetooth / Wireless hands-free kit for your mobile phone: Keep yourself focused on road while driving a car, use a hands-free kit and stay safe!
  • A cool road trip playlist: Music is important to road trip, as the songs you choose can ultimately set the tone and mindset of the trip. Amazon Music and Spotify are the best options.
  • Travel camera + USB chargers: Camera will help you in capturing your travel memories perfectly. If you want to know which are the best cameras for travel, click here + the best drones for travel – click here!)
  • Travel games: If you are out for a family travel, Travel Games will keep kids entertained on a long drive.

The Comfort Kit

Keeping everyone in the car happy and relax during the road trip is so important! Here, we’ve compiled a list, so make sure to stock the car with these things to stay comfortable:

What have we missed out on this things to pack for a road trip list?