10 Best 2019 Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas for Him and Her


If your significant other is a globe-trotter, you may not want to surprise him/her with old-school gifts like chocolates, cards, teddy, or flowers for 2019 Valentine’s Day. To make it extraordinarily special, you need a gift that would make your travel-obsessed happy like the below ones.¬†Wondering what to get him and her for 2019 Valentine’s day? Pick any of these.

5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2019

1. Tripod

Tripod Valentine Day Gifts for Him

For a wandering heart, what can be best than the freedom to capture moments? If you’re a couple who love to travel and click together, gifting MOUNTDOG Camera Tripod 70” Professional DSLR Camera Travel Tripod Stand will be the best thing to do. It can easily hold your Phone, DSLR Camera or GoPro and is extremely handy as it can be easily twisted and mounted as and anywhere you like. It is suitable for shooting in rough conditions. It is portable and lightweight and be fixed at any angle to get a perfect shot.

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2. Backpack

Backpack Valentine Day Gifts for Him

A backpack is like an ornamental accessory for men. They love to carry it whether or not they are on travel mode and KOPACK Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack fits perfectly well for any situation and conditions. Apt for travelling, this classy looking bag comes with multiple and easily accessible pockets, huge compartments for laptop and other stuff, an attached charging dock, anti-theft, and water-resistant feature.

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3. Travel Grooming Kit

Travel Grooming Kit Valentine Day Gifts for Him

So what they are travelling, men love to groom their beloved beard and moustache anytime, anywhere. Kalooi Travel Toiletry Bag can turn out to be an absolutely amazing gift for your globe trotter as it will allow your man to keep his grooming products organized and handy. It comes with an attached hook hence can be hanged on the back of a door or towel rail and used without any mess.

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4. Multipurpose Wallet

Multipurpose Wallet Valentine Day Gifts for Him

Men have a habit of losing or forgetting things, And while travelling, passport, credit cards, cash, earphones, all of these are important and when any of them gets misplaced, they get irritated easily. Clifton Heritage Men’s Leather RFID Blocking 7-Slot Trifold Wallet can be an excellent solution if you want to ease things for your travel buddy. It can accommodate up to 5.6 Inches of mobile, 3 card pockets, a slot for earphone and phone charging wire. Plus, it comes with customisation where you can get a personal name printed on it. Isn’t that great?

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5. Trekking Shoes